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About Bautista Media

What We Do


Our knowledge of video production means that we can provide expert direction of your video projects.


Whether you need a short video business card or a longer promotional piece, we can help.

Talent Recruiting

If you need outside resources, we’ll look after finding the right talent for your video production.

Social Media

We provide support and guidance to help make sure you get eyes on your videos using social media platforms.


If you need a longer documentary-style production to support your needs, we'll make it happen.


Using professional production tools, from drones to studio sound and lighting effects, we'll give your production the right quality presentation.


Video Testimonials are a powerful way to have others telling your story for the ultimate in credibility and social proof.


If you have footage from your own resources, we can combine it with our own footage to create a compelling story.

The Production Process


We know how to craft a compelling message in video form. Whether you need a short business card or a detailed message that holds the attention of your audience, we help make it effective through a proven work flow process and high production values.

Most businesses today lack clarity in their message, and while we are a video production company, we pride ourselves in viewing all projects from the perspective of a business owner. You’ve chosen to use video content to communicate the who, what, why, and how behind your business and deliver your message to the masses. Tell your story in the most engaging way possible with video that can be used on a website, social media, at a fundraising gala, or at a staff event. We know how to craft a compelling message in video form. We love producing stories in video form and we’ve created more than 1,000 successful video presentations to date. Let us get started on yours.

More than 1,000 productions

Trusted by companies like these


"Miguel was very professional in helping us prepare for the shoot by providing us interview questions ahead of time doing a dry run with us over Zoom. I am not used to being in front of the camera and Miguel's prep work really helped calm my nerves! On the day of the recording when we arrived, Miguel already had everything set up and ready to go. The recording process went very smooth and we all had a great deal of fun!"

- Angel Chan, Co-Founder, Fuel Life Canada


"We needed Bautista Media to film a video for a charity event. They were super enthusiastic during the video shoot which helped bring out a better energy in us while we were filming. With that being said we didn't really have an idea of what we wanted…so we gave him a guideline and let him run free. It turned out 10 times better than any of us could have ever imagined!"

- Manny Randhawa, Co-Founder, Cyber Games


"People love the video. We've had great feedback. The energy, the hype behind the video was just what we were looking for for. A small investment you're gonna make is going to have a real big outcome…so the results have been awesome."

- Gary Sandhu, Co-Founder, All Elite Fitness